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This is part 1 in a 2 part series on bathrooms at CSU.

As a student at Colorado State University, you learn over the years where the good, and more importantly the bad places are on campus to use the bathroom. I can only speak on my experience using the mens restroom, for all I know the womens is full of perfume, couches, and is immaculate. I have compiled a top 10 list of the worst bathrooms at CSU.

I certainly have not visited every bathroom, or visited every building on campus, but out of the buildings and restrooms I have visited this is what I have found.

  1. My pick for the worst bathroom at Colorado State University goes to the bathroom on the lower level of the Lory Student Center near the North entrance. This bathroom has a distinct smell of Taco Bell, and all the toilets must be broken because I have never found a flushed toilet.

  2. Second place goes to the restrooms across from the food court in the Lory Student Center. This bathroom is very similar to the last bathroom, just without the Taco Bell smell.

  3. Sadly, the third place trophy goes to the bathrooms across from the ID office in the basement of the Lory Student Center. It too has many of the same issues as the previous two.

  4. My fourth pick is the main floor bathroom in Aylesworth hall. It gets warm in the summer, and always seems to be dirty with the exception of immediately after the janitorial staff does their thing.

  5. The restroom in the original Rockwell hall building in the South-West corner is incredibly busy, and the toilets in here must be busted as well.

  6. Number six goes to not one, but several bathrooms in the same hallway in the southern corridor in the Engineering building. There always seems to be paper towels and toilet paper thrown about, and a person entering or exiting every few seconds.

  7. My pick for number seven goes to the bathrooms in the Morgan Library. I only know of the bathrooms on the main floor towards the south side of the building. They are not necessarily always dirty, but more often than not I have walked into a stall and seen a floater that wasn’t mine.

  8. Eighth place goes to the bathrooms on the main level of Eddy. Talk about walking into a room full of paper-towels strewn about. Other than that, its not always horrible.

  9. The bathroom in the west end of Wagar on the main floor is not always dirty, but its so small I get the feeling somebody is always watching me drop a deuce.

  10. The best of the worst goes to the bathrooms in the Rec Center locker rooms. The entire room smells of feel, and the toilet seats always seem wet.

There you have it - my picks for the 10 worst bathrooms at Colorado State University. Stay tuned for my next post on the best bathrooms to use to avoid these.