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My fathers day gift this year was an experience. In fact it was an Xtreme Experience. The family an I headed to Pacifc Raceways in Kent Washington for a morning of fun.

Ferrari 488 GTB

First up was the Ferrari 488 GTB. First time I ever sat in a Ferrari, let alone drive one. It had good get up and go, and was a lot of fun to drive. Would definitely drive this car again, but it ranked as my 3rd favorite for the day.


Horsepower: 680

Top Speed: 205 MPH

0-60 MPG: 3.0 seconds

Porsche GT3 RS

Second up for the day was the Porsche GT3 RS. I was admittedly a little hyped about this one after seeing Richard Hammond talk about it over the years. The GT3 RS was incredible. The one word I would use to describe the car was “tight”. The steering was tight, transmission was tight, it got right up and went. Would drive this car again, and would consider owning one. My 2nd favorite for the day.


Horsepower: 520

Top Speed: 199 MPH

0-60 MPG: 3.3 seconds

Lamborghini Huracan

Third up for the day was the Lamborghini Huracan. It was my first time sitting in, and driving a Lamborghini. My expectations I am afraid were too high. I would be perfectly fine never sitting in, driving, or owning a Lamborghini ever again. I was not impressed. Felt slower than any of the rest of the cars, the quality felt the cheapest, and everything felt as if it was for show instead of function. Definitely bottom of my favorites list - in fact I would rather drive my Tesla Model 3 or Acura MDX that we drove to the track.


Horsepower: 602

Top Speed: 202 MPH

0-60 MPG: 3.2 seconds

Shelby Mustang GT500

The last car for the day was the Shelby Mustang GT500. During the driver orientation first thing in the morning, this was the only car that called out extra caution about. “If you are driving the GT500, be careful if you put your foot down at any point while you’re on the track. It has so much power, it can be unpredictable if you’re not prepared.” The GT500 was my absolute favorite of all the cars I drove on this day. So much so in fact, the first thing I told my wife when we were leaving was we needed to buy one - and I would even let her drive it. It’s top speed, and 0-60 time are lower than the rest of the vehicles, but boy did that car have some power. It felt the fastest (and was the one I was able to go the fastest in), and the roar from the engine and exhaust was louder than anything else on the track that day.


Horsepower: 760

Top Speed: 180 MPH

0-60 MPG: 3.5 seconds