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Throughout my studies, I have visited a lot of buildings throughout campus. In that time I have stumbled upon a few bathrooms that I consider to be the “gems”. This is my top 10 list of these gems.

  1. Any of the bathrooms in the Computer Science Building. The facilities on the bottom floor are decent, but if you venture to any of the restrooms on the upper few floors you are good to go.

  2. In Rockwell Hall, if you take the north-east stairs up to what I believe is the Management or Finance offices, you will find yourself in a long hallway. This hallway has a bathroom that I suspect is mostly used by staff, so it always seems to be very clean.

  3. Wagar hall has a bathroom on the second floor, in the east side of the building, it seems to get a lot less traffic than the one near the main entrance, and thus it has made it on this list.

  4. If you find yourself in the Lory Student Center - a building that had 3 of the worst bathrooms I have found on campus, if you make your way upstairs near the North Ballroom, directly across from that ballroom is a restroom that I suspect gets little or no traffic. It is one of the nicest I have found on campus.

  5. Even though no classes are held in the Administration Building, it is a great place to go if you need to “drop a deuce”. The restrooms ins this building are always super clean.

  6. Aylesworth was another building with a bathroom on my worst list. Since I work in the building, I know that all you have to do is find the appropriate restroom in either the North or South wing and you’re golden.

  7. In the new cafeteria at the Academic Village, all the bathrooms in the building seem to be in very good condition.

I know I have probably missed a few, but these were the very distinctive restrrooms I have found on campus.