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Since I first registered mattgoodrich.com (MGDC) way back on July 17, 2007 my internet presence has taken a number of forms. The early days of MGDC included a lot of .NET Web Forms snippets and custom controls that I had put together over my early days using the .NET Framework to develop websites for Colorado State University. Through several re-designs the content stayed the same, but eventually I got tired of managing a web host, and like it usually does - life got busy.

image-right I was reading some documentation a couple of months back for a library I was looking to consume (always RTFM kids), and realized they had a really good looking site and it was hosted on GitHub pages. I started thinking this might get me over my dread of spinning up MGDC or another website again because I didn’t want to have to worry about managing AppPools, NGINX configs, or paying money for something I would end up hating. I thought “Hey, I am still decent at HTML, CSS, JS, etc. - maybe I should just do a completely static site and host it somewhere for low/no cost.” As my brain often does, I started to think “I love using Markdown, maybe I could make something that parses Markdown into HTML”, and then ultimately I ended up at “I bet this has been done before”. Sure enough, I was right! MGDC is up and running on GitHub pages using Jekyll!

Stay tuned for more content!